WWF and GLACIAL in partnership

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In June 2018 GLACIAL signed a prestigious partnership agreement with WWF. The plastic problem is an issue that is gaining more and more momentum globaly. One solution to the problem is to switch from single use bottles to keep-cups. GLACIAL is producing one of the most sustainable bottles on the market in this sector, and want to support WWF’s work on battling the problem and at the same time help save the oceans by fundraising campaigns.

The agreement between WWF and GLACIAL is a combined partnership and license agreement, which means that GLACIAL will donate 1 EURO per bottle to WWF for the benefit of the world’s oceans where large amounts of plastic waste ends up. We are very proud of the agreement with WWF.

Both GLACIAL and WWF work for a change of behavior that will benefit the environment and we will provide the market with a sustainable alternative to the plastic bottle, while supporting WWF’s incredibly important work.

Pressrelease material

Below is press material related to the press release where GLACIAL and WWF enters partnership.

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Photo: Tim Åbergh
Photo: Tim Åbergh
Photo: Tim Åbergh
Photo: Tim Åbergh
Photo: Jan Söderström